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Common questions

To apply for a job you create an account or if you already have an account you need to sign-in.

For more information on how you go about apply for a job, take a look at our job application help page

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Field Recruitment was formed by experienced recruitment consultants with an in-depth knowledge of the skills that they recruit for. We are based with our HQ in Swindon and focus all over the UK.  Our service levels are high and our rates are sensible. We aim to work honestly and form long term business relationships.

As well as sourcing suitably screened candidates, we also arrange all interviews, provide interview feedback, manage offers, negotiate salaries, take references and generally manage the entire recruitment process from advertising to candidate start. This is all included in the placement fee, which is paid on appointment of a suitable candidate.

NO. We firmly believe that with our specialist local knowledge and experience in various markets and we can provide a far superior service to local businesses.

We have long terms agreements with several of the UK’s leading recruitment web sites. Our own website contains details of all our live vacancies, as well our extensive Social Media presence provide access to fresh candidates.

All information is stored on secure servers located within the UK and information is stored and accessed in accordance to GDPR legislation.

Rates can vary widely between different agencies. Field Recruitment offer sensible rates, which can be negotiated in return for exclusivity or for large recruitment campaigns. With media advertising rates increasing year on year, it is often proving more cost effective to use Field Recruitment with the added benefit of not having to manage the advertising response.


In simple terms, temp work is a period of non-fixed term employment where a position can last from one day to several months. You are typically paid on a pre-agreed hourly rate basis and assignments can be full or part-time. You are entitled to 28 days holiday per year and this will be accrued throughout your assignment.

Contract work is a similar alternative to permanent employment, but positions are typically undertaken on a “fixed-term” basis and with specific skills in mind. You are usually paid a monthly salary direct from the client on a pro-rata basis with a notice period on both sides. Whilst your salary is fixed, working as a contractor usually means you are entitled to the same benefits as a permanent member of staff, just on a pro-rata basis.

Interim assignments require experienced individuals with specialist skill sets to resolve business issues on a fixed term or project basis. These roles span all disciplines and sectors and are undertaken on a daily rate basis or pro-rata contract.

Joining the temporary workforce is no longer viewed as just a “stop-gap” but a career choice and can provide you with a number of additional benefits:

– Flexibility
– Independence
– Competitive rate of pay
– More frequent income stream (if paid hourly)
– Timesheets are submitted weekly
– Gain new skills/systems knowledge and enhance your CV
– Exposure to a variety of sectors and terminologies
– Experience different work cultures and environments with different management styles
– Can bridge the gap between permanent jobs
– You are more “appealing” to a potential employer than a candidate who is not working
– Ideal “test bed” when re-entering the workplace
– Meet new people and expand your network
– Potential opportunity to travel with international companies

While browsing for jobs, the basket is always there to show you your added jobs. You don’t need to be logged in to add jobs to your basket, but when it’s time to apply for the jobs just log in, or register if you haven’t already and apply for them all!

There are a number of benefits to registering besides applying for job vacancies.

You can view the status of your job applications within the application history tab. When your applications are approved or rejected then it will be shown in your application history.

Also, you can set custom alerts which email you when jobs posted in the critera you’re interested in. Choose keywords within the job sectors, location and employment types of your choice.

Your data is stored securely on UK hosted servers and is accessed, used and transferred in accordance to the GDPR legislation.  Further details regarding this can be viewed in our Privacy Policy.

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