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We are current looking to recruit a Electronics Engineer for our Manufacturing Client, with their HQ in Swindon.

You will be reporting to the Head of Engineering and be a member of the Engineering Development Team with personal responsibility for the development of electronics hardware, embedded and firmware solutions for brushless dc motors, motorised impellers and their applications that meet the demands of the business.


To understand project technical requirements in conjunction with both our internal and external customers, to undertake the detailed electronics design activities required to translate these in to cost effective products and to ensure that robust, reliable technical solutions are implemented and demonstrated as fit for purpose in a design-for-manufacture environment.


  1. To work collaboratively with the technical teams to develop electronic hardware solutions, performing relevant calculations, associated simulations and tests to deliver robust, innovative designs.
  2. To work collaboratively with the technical teams to develop analogue and digital electronic circuits in order to deliver robust, innovative technical solutions with sound theoretical basis.
  3. To design for EMC and LVD, carrying out relevant product development, testing and debugging.
  4. To work collaboratively with the technical teams to develop firmware in ‘C’, assembler or other relevant language in order to deliver robust, innovative technical solutions with sound theoretical basis.
  5. To carry out Field Oriented Control hardware and firmware development, testing and debugging.
  6. To use your skills to maintain clear, concise and accurate documentation for solutions, communicating necessary theoretical principles to technical staff.
  7. To understand product performance principles, identifying key specification issues and performance criteria in order to develop, demonstrate and carry out robust product functionality tests.
  8. To assist the business with identifying existing product or application issues and then delivering robust, proven solutions.
  9. To sustain and support production of the existing technology base.


Your technical ambition must be based upon providing a professional and reliable service to colleagues and customers who are directly affected by the activities in which you are engaged.  Personally motivated by a desire to solve problems, you will be meticulous in your approach and confident to engage in theoretical review.  Committed to a long term future with the business, you will be energised by working with employees at all levels but retain the self-sufficiency and focus to deliver cradle to grave project implementations.

Skills & Knowledge

  1. Minimum 2:1 relevant Honours Degree qualification with electronic circuit design experience.
  2. Schematic capture, simulation, PCB layout and circuit testing for product design, EMC and LVD.
  3. Hands-on design, testing and debugging of SMPS, power electronics, control algorithms and associated analogue / digital electronic hardware in an embedded controls environment.
  4. Minimum 2:1 relevant Honours Degree qualification with embedded controls experience.
  5. Embedded ‘C’ and assembler code development and maintenance using related tool chains.
  6. Principles of field oriented control firmware with associated analogue and digital electronic hardware for embedded controls in a power electronics / motor control environment.
  7. Organised, confident, self-motivated and capable of multi-tasking.
Tags: 2:1, assembler, circuit testing, electronic circuit design experience, embedded C, embedded electronics, EMC, LVD, PCB layout

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