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Hold, have held, or eligible to apply for UK based security clearance
Hold an undergraduate degree – ideally in computer science, maths, or engineering.


Have, or working towards, a qualification in technical architecture, e.g. MCSE in Cloud Platform & Infrastructure or similar.
Other technical qualifications / training, e.g. in secure or cloud-based network design.


Experience and Skills:


-Experience of networking platforms and systems in the public sector / law enforcement.
-Able to deliver transformational change – mobile and cloud enabling enterprises.
-Creates real and measurable business value, as evidenced by operational solutions.
-Depth of experience in configuring secure network technology – routers, firewalls, etc.
-Experience in the design of LANs, WANs, VPNs, virtual networks, and hybrid clouds.
-Able to design, build, monitor, and load balance highly available secure networks.
-Knowledge of how to setup and monitor gateways, e.g. for remote / device access.
-Understanding of constraints with current police networks (PSNP, Airwave).
-Proven delivery of solutions to enable access to mobile / remote / local networks and apps.
-Working knowledge of virtualisation technology and container-based deployment.
-Understanding of information security constraints and best practice.
-Able to lead architecture sessions on network design in complex environments.
-At least three years’ experience as an architect / lead designer of major network solutions.
-Proven ability to collaborate with team members and a wide range of people.
-Demonstrates good organisational skills giving the ability to deliver to timeframes and estimates.
-Demonstrates good written, oral, comprehension and presentational skills.
-Proven capability in the documenting network designs.


-Experience, as part of an agile team, in the delivery of rapid technical feasibility studies.
-Knowledge of law enforcement and data protection regulations.
-Experience of delivery within a DevOps environment.
-Understanding of identity and access management, cypher management, key vaults, etc.
-Capabilities in other areas of infrastructure, e.g. storage, backup and disaster recover, etc.
-Skills in other technical areas, e.g. data management, coding, etc.
-Aware of innovations and trends in network technology and their likely impact, e.g. 4G, ESN.


Core Responsibilities and Duties:


The Transforming Forensics programme will change how biometric (fingerprint, DNA, etc.) and digital forensics is delivered in England and Wales. The Network Architect will enable the sharing of data and services across a secure network that links mobile Crime Scene Investigators (CSIs) to forensic analysts and investigators. The network design must cater for the needs and challenges of a diverse and volatile brownfield environment.


The Infrastructure Architect will work as part of a small technical design team, within larger projects, to achieve technical and business change. All work will be carried out in collaboration with police and forensic service business and technical stakeholders. It is essential the team is ‘police led’. It should accommodate their business needs, and account for local technical constraints, whilst still driving through the transformational vision.


The core activities of the role are:

Lead the design of the network infrastructure for shared forensic services across forces, including mobile access from CSIs.

Manage the implementation of secure networking for a hybrid cloud to connect bureaux across England and Wales.

Work closely with police and Home Office network engineers and systems architects to understand and overcome their constraints and challenges.

Apply in-depth knowledge of networking technologies and techniques to ensure best practice / use of proven patterns in the configuration of appliances and virtual networks.

The Infrastructure Architect will be responsible for supporting the Solution Architect and the Technical Design Authority in:

Development and validation of the hybrid cloud approach and design proposed for the forensic service, including preparation of and supporting network models.

Collaboration with police technical stakeholders to migrate to buy-into, and plan for, the transition to a national networked solution.

Design and implementation of feasibility studies to mitigate any technical risk.



Liaise with business and technical stakeholders to understand local police networks.

Run or participate in network architecture sessions with local force IT / cohort architects.

Run rapid technical feasibility studies to validate unknowns, e.g. to prove connectivity is possible.

Asses any proposed networking components from suppliers, e.g. during procurement.

Manage the implementation and configuration of network services and components.

Support the identification of technical and/or programme risks.

Any other duties that are commensurate with the role.


Core competencies:

-Drive – Has the energy, enthusiasm, and flexibility to transform the forensic service’s ICT.
-Flexibility – Be adaptable in responding to change and uncertainty to deliver and add value.
-Building relationships – Engage with and maintain productive relationships with a diverse team.
-Communication skills – Articulate and engaging, and able to employ different styles.
-Self-motivation – Add value without being prompted.  Take responsibility for actions.


Transferrable competencies for this role.

– Influencing – establishes communication channels, actively listens, clarifies, gives/seeks feedback, clear and concise, persuasive/negotiates with others.

-People management – fosters team/individual performance, achieves results, leads, motivates and empowers others, deals with issues, coaches and encourages others.

-Organisational skills – plans well in advance, sets clear objectives, manages time/delegates, reviews progress against plan, ensures sufficient resources, encourages improvements.

-Results orientation – satisfies internal/external customers, effective performance management, addresses cross functional issues and technical issues, knowledge of systems and processes.

-Interpersonal skills – builds positive relationships, demonstrates emotionally stability, confident in own ability, approachable to all staff, shows respect and tolerance.


*Please note that this position is subject to being security cleared and a health check’s due to the nature of the role*

Tags: Airwave, biometric, Cloud Platform, DevOps, LAN, PSNP, Solution Architect, Transforming Forensics, VPN, WAN

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