Switch on to Swindon

Lee Marner and Andrew Careswell are Ambassadors for SOTS.

The Switch on to Swindon Ambassador scheme unites businesses, organizations and individuals across the area in a powerful network to change perceptions of the place and raise its profile.

Ambassadors have access to a powerful network of influencers and decision makers through regular meetings and online forums. Speakers will range from key players leading the area’s major developments to the organisations that are shaping the place’s future.

Ambassadors are highly regarded group in the area, representative of the place and as such their opinion and support will be sought, they hear news of developments first and often will be the first names on key invitation lists.

Raising your organisation’s profile

The Ambassador network has the opportunity to raise their profile through:
– Circulation of news stories via regular e-newsletters
– Using social media and discussion forums
– Profiling on the place’s website
– Hosting meetings
– Linked activity with local, regional and national media

To help support Field and promote Swindon we will be producing marketing materials including:
– The Swindon storybook which describes our story and how we will develop and promote ourselves
– An image bank of high quality photography
– A set of standard paragraphs of copy and information on new developments
– Promotional films
– Infographics and fact sheets

Swindon has a strong economy with potential for growth. The latest Centre for Cities report just published gives more evidence of this. However, we need to position ourselves effectively to compete for new investment, support existing businesses to grow and ensure the economy prospers. In order to do this we need to tell the positive Swindon story in more consistent and disciplined way. It is our belief that the best people to do that are the businesses, organisations and people that are already here. Your collective skills, networks, contacts and enthusiasm are our biggest asset.

Swindon is a place of contrasts, urban and rural, old and new, long established business and a hot bed of start-ups and entrepreneurial spirit. It has the ability to surprise and delight, it has an incredible back story and history but is always moving with the times and adapting. Like most places it also has some challenges and things to improve on. By promoting the place more effectively and securing investment we can, together, make those improvements.
Step one of Switch on to Swindon is an invitation to all businesses, organisations and individuals contribute, to join in and create the stories, ideas and products that will enable us to promote Swindon.

We’ve done a few things already. There is a Switch on to Swindon visual identity, and do please use the logo where you feel can. We have a website but very deliberately it is simply the start, we want you to help us fill it with the right content, information, stories and images. We have a great promotional film, the first of many that we will developed based on your input and ideas about what will work best to promote Swindon. Everything we do as part of Switch on to Swindon will be authentic, tell the real Swindon story and will be of the highest quality.

Swindon's in Motion

“Swindon’s in motion” – Switch on to Swindon is a campaign designed to highlight the strength of Swindon as a great place in which to live, work, invest in and visit.We encourage as many people as possible to 'LIKE' our page, 'SHARE' this video, and of course, to Switch on to Swindon.

Posted by Switch on to Swindon on Tuesday, 24 January 2017