Using a recruitment agency has many benefits for a candidate looking for a new job. Ideally, you should work with a specialist in your field. It means the recruitment consultant will only be speaking to prospective clients in your area.

Benefits of using a Recruitment Agency:

– Recruitment Agencies are a free service

– Recruitment Agencies allow you to free up your valuable time by chasing roles for you

– Recruitment Agencies will advise on your CV content and layout  Recruitment Agencies will make sure you are best positioned in your market

– Recruitment Agencies network extensively and will ensure you will get access to the best roles available

– Recruitment Agencies will prepare you in advance of interview usually with a good knowledge of interview structure and interviewers

– Recruitment Agencies will follow up after an interview and make sure you are represented to the best of your abilities

– Recruitment Agencies will negotiate your salary and package

– Recruitment Agencies will work post-placement and make sure your new employer takes care of you

TOP TIP – Recruitment Agencies are FREE services